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FREE SHIPPING when you spend $99+ within the 48 contiguous US.
FREE SHIPPING when you spend $99+ within the 48 contiguous US.

Introducing the FoodRising Mini-Farm Grow Box

  • A breakthrough in self-reliant food production.
  • Grows food without using electricity or soil.
  • Self-water system requires very little attention after planting seeds.
  • Comes with everything you need except sunlight, water and seeds.
  • Requires no weeding.
  • Eliminates bending over; grows food on top of benches or tables.
  • Easily expandable to multiple grow containers using a single water reservoir.
  • Uses just 1/20 the water of traditional soil irrigation methods.
  • Contains no complex moving parts: no motors, no pumps, no gears.
  • Designed around simple replacement parts that can be easily found in third-world nations, post-disaster scenarios or survival situations.
  • Grows better-than-organic lettuce and other crops for about 10 cents' worth of plant food.
  • Produces food with up to 500% more mineral nutrition than store-bought fresh produce.
  • Key components are based on the 3D printable parts freely downloadable from and printed on 3D printers.

Revolutionary advantages

  • Power failures have NO EFFECT on the Mini-Farm Grow Box, unlike with hydroponics or aquaponics which rely on electricity to keep your plants (and fish!) alive.
  • The entire system is EMP-proof because it contains no electronic components whatsoever, making it the ultimate "survival food grow system" for preppers.
  • Works everywhere there's sunlight. Automatically practical almost everywhere.
  • Seeds are planted directly into the grow medium, so there's no transplanting required. Grow Boxes can be easily transported so you can start them indoors, then move them outdoors when desired.
  • Grow lights are not part of the Grow Box system, but it is fully compatible with Hydrofarm brand grow light systems.
  • The Mini-Farm Grow Box was designed around easily-scavenged parts such as paper clips, pencil erasers, garden hose rubber washers and discarded vitamin bottles. Using 3D printable parts designed by the Health Ranger, these parts can be easily assembled into grow systems to produce food without electricity. This means the grow system works in third-world countries, post nuclear war scenarios, grid-down scenarios, off-grid living and more. This is the system that even Mad Max could use to grow nutritious food after a catastrophic collapse.
  • The 3D printable parts can be created using print filament made partially out of recycled water bottles and milk jugs. This means you can now transform landfill into food grow systems. Turning "trash" into "food" is truly revolutionary!